Woman’s World

I always love Ancient mythology, so no wonder when I found out that Pandemonium created a Sim Prefab called the Dark Temple, I had to go and check it out. The sim is beautifully made, with details all around the theme. Pandora,the owner and creator, was so nice as to let me rez there to do some pictures.

Got into my new Secret Affair goodies from Devious Mind! (drools), armed up with FDD staffs and off i went. ūüėõ¬†So here is a sneak peek.

Woman's World
Dark Temple

You can visit it here.

Dark Temple
Dark Temple

And my blood flows
Through every man and every child
In this godless land
That delivered me
I’ve cried so many tears even the blacked sea

Hair: TRUTH Tara  @Truth Hair

Dress:!dM¬†deviousMind “Ianna” **AUBERGINE** @The Secret Affair

Accessories: !dM Ianna РOrnament and SilkDrape**MIDNIGHT FOREST** (From the Onix rare set) @The Secret Affair

Tattoo:¬†Vestigium –¬†Fae Dream

Staffs: FDD GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-SoulReaper* Moon v1 and v2 @The Secret Affair

Bracelets: !dM Thyia РivyBracelet **TIGER LILY**

Headpiece: Alchemy РThe Magi РHead Piece РShadow @Fantasy Gacha

Pose: {NanTra} Spellbinder


I put a spell on you…

Sooooo I think i went a bit crazy with editing this picture O.o.o.O I think, maybe, probably, possible, ermmm . I kinda wanted to be magical, because ¨The Fantasy Gacha¨is BACK!!!

So many amazing new things. Today I’m wearing Alchemy new outfit. I love the color options Alchemy brought to us this time. Not to mention our little Fennec Companion (a cutie).

Also it’s been a long time since I¬†wanted to use this pose from Infinity. Brandy did an Amazing job.¬†You can also find her creations at this round, so don’t forget to go and check it out.

I put a spell on you
And now you’re mine!

I put a spell on you...


Hair:¬†:AD ‚Äď 42 ‚Äď blacks @ANALOG DOG

Outfit: Alchemy РThe Magi РShadow Outfit and Accessories @Fantasy Gacha

Tattoo:¬†Vestigium –¬†Fae Dream @Tales of Fantasy

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid @Slink

Feet Jewelry:¬†Pure Poison ‚Äď Nayyirah Feet Jewelry @Fantasy Gacha *May 2014*

Pose: :. Infiniti . РKeeper of the Light Р7 @Fantasy Gacha *February 2014*


Alchemy – Fennec The Great – Wizard RARE @Fantasy Gacha
{vespertine}– witch chubby kitty @ Tag *October 2014*
AF/AL Light Staff @Fantasy Gacha
ISON – books and skulls @Arcade *September 2014*

~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Dancing Souls – Fairytale Ground and Sunrise Sky –
Kalopsia ‚Äď Flying leaves (Green)
*pm* Demon Conjure Circle (papermoon)
~*Forest Floor*~ Elemental stones @ *Forest Floor*


Pirates that fly

The other day while talking with my friend Finn she mentioned that we needed to make a more friendly picture. So we decided on this Pirate one. Not sure if that’s more friendly though, but at least we are on the same side. ūüėõ
Either way since ¬®Pirate¬® was mentioned, all that i got in my mind was ¬®I’ll get a sword!!!¬®, I went on¬†the look for one but sincerely, in regards to ¬®pirate¬® swords, I couldn¬īt find any i like that much. I¬†don¬īt know if it¬īs coz i didn¬īt look that much or what but at the end i got one.
So Finn takes us to this sim, which by the way it was a really nice one. And i’m fighting to find a pose¬†and by the time i finally find one,I look at Finn and she is all set up, but mine doesn¬īt go much with¬†hers, so i changed. Then I find another one. And i start looking for angles for the pic, when Finn says:
¬®Blue (that¬īs me) you are kinda poking me with the sword¬®(not sure about the words exactly but that¬īs how that sounded to me) and true enough i was totally poking her bum with my sword. So i grumbled (duh!) and took it off. Anyways that¬īs the story on how I ended it up without a sword *pouts* :(. At least there¬īs a¬†¬†pirate MONKEY!! ūüôā

Pirates that fly

Here you can see Alchemy’s new creation for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(goes ¬®wow¬®).So that machine gave a fight (big one!). When i first saw the picture of it, the one thing i really really wanted was the hat, it¬īs awesome. So I went and play, by the trizillion time, i have got,i think, almost every common and a few rares but the hat and ¬†i wanted ¬®THE HAT¬® so i kept going, it was not going to win. In the meantime i messaged Finn and told her what was going on and also i went into a gacha group chat and tried to trade for it. The next thing i hear is Finn and a nice girl from the group telling me that the rare Wenchs come with the hat and eye patch. So I &$%¬∑#@%&, yes totally (not telling you about the banging my head against something). So i ended with a few hats. Now when i put the Wench outfit on, I ended loving all the details in it, the colors, everything!. So i picked blue, duh and added the hat and eyepatch from the rare set and became a pirate (with no sword *keeps grumbling*)

You can find Finn’s version of our Pirate’s journey here¬†.

Hey ho!

Imagine the places that we’ll go.

No one can stop us when we’re so high

Give ’em a pirate cheer, yes!(Arr!)

Hey ho!

We’ll be the freighter that plunders

Every one of the world’s seven wonders

When we’re up in the skies,


Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] Р[Emy] Р[ red cacoa] @Alvulo

Hair: >TRUTH< Becky Р black & whites @Truth Hair

Outfit: Alchemy РCaptain Wench РRed Blue @Fantasy Gacha

Hat and Eyepatch:  Part of Alchemy РCaptain Wench РXsmall -Black [box] RARE @Fantasy Gacha

Boots:¬†TEN”10 Noma highboots black @TEN”10

Necklace: Chain Collar, (Black) Р[The Forge] @Fantasy Gacha

Lipstick: [PF] Elly Cosmetics РGlam Lipstick РTrue Blue @Pink Fuel

Pose: PoseMe РSingle 1 @PoseMe


Skin: -Glam Affair РRose skin Р( Jamaica ) 01 @Glam Affair

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Blythe Р black @Truth Hair

Outfit: Alchemy РCaptain Wench РRed RARE @Fantasy Gacha

Boots: Baiastice_Knee platform stretch boots-suede-chocolate @Baiastice

Necklace: Alchemy РPirate Necklace РGold @Fantasy Gacha

Lipstick: PF] <Light> Classic Lipstick РPin Up Red @Pink Fuel

Pose: Glitterati Р092 @Glitterati (MP)


Colors Of The Wind

OMG! I just realized that The Fantasy Gacha is starting next August 8th! I can’t wait to see what it brings us this round *Bites nails*. While on it, I remembered that I’ve never got the chance to show Aisling’s Fangarth set from last round. I went a bit crazy with this machine to get the full set *coughs*.

The Headress is WOW, nothing else needs to be said, and well everything on that set for that matter. So added the sexy Peqe’s ¬†¬®Kink¬®dress ¬†and went for a jump.

Hope there¬īs pillows at the bottom! O.O

Colors Of The Wind

Pose: Bounce This Poses РGirl Pack 3-2 @Bounce this Poses 

Colors Of The Wind


Pose: double take: to infinity @Double take 


Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] Р[Emy] Р[ red cacoa] @Alvulo

Hair: TRUTH Tara Р black & whites @Truth Hair

Dress: Peqe РKink_Brown @Peqe

Headdress: Fangarth -Headdress- ULTRARARE @. a i s l i n g .

Bracers:. Fangarth -Bracers- Black @. a i s l i n g .

Lowerleg: Fangarth -LowerLeg- Black @. a i s l i n g .

Shoulders: . Fangarth -Shoulders- Black @. a i s l i n g .

Tattoo:  Misa War Paint @

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat @Slink


If you love me…

So I went to the Secret Affair (Yay Gacha… Shh!!) and the hair fair and OMG there¬īs so much pretty things!

Also the new Valentine dress from Aisling. WOW! I picked the red version that you can get at their main store and I love it! Goes perfect with the new hair from Analog Dog .There¬īs special editions of the dress at the Secret Affair, so don¬īt forget to pick them up before it¬īs over

You can find more pictures from this set on my Flickr

If you love me...***

If you love me...**

Hair: AD Р42 Рblacks @Hair Fair

Dress: .aisling. Valentine {RED} @Aisling 

Collar:¬†*{Junbug}* Freyja’s Collar – Night –

Headdress: . aisling . Tallulah Gacha РHEADDRESS RARE @The secret affair

Arms: . aisling . Tallulah Gacha РArms Black @The secret affair

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid @Slink

Feet Jewelry: Pure Poison РNayyirah Feet Jewelry @Fantasy Gacha *May 2014*