Happy New Year!!

God knows that I really didn’t have an awesome 2014 year, but I do hope you all did and that this next 2015 is better.

My best wishes! *hugs*

Happy New Year

““May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For,
May your arms Never Tire.”
― D. Simone” ― D. Simone

Hair: :TRUTH HAIR Posy

Dress:*{Junbug}* The Succubus in Night Fur RARE @ an old Gacha event

Arms: . Aisling  . Tallulah Gacha – Arms Black @ a past Secret Affair event

Pose: Eternal Dream – You Better Not Pout Gacha

Sim: Winter [Imagination]


Happy holidays!

I can’t believe we are on Christmas already. This year passed so fast…

*Hugs her Finn*

Happy Holidays!

Anyways, on Christmas eve my friend Finn and I decided to do this picture with a few of the Christmas gifts we got . In this case Birdy’s Sweaters and the cutest Penguins ever. They are Birdy’s group gift, it’s 50L to join, but they are worth it. Also the hair, that comes with the cute hat, it´s Truth hair’s Holiday gift.

I hope you all have happy holidays!

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…
~Norman Wesley Brooks (U.S. design engineer, 1923–2002)
“Let Every Day Be Christmas,” 1976

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Aspen

Sweater: Foxes – Frumpy Sweater – Snow Man and on Finn Foxes – Frumpy Sweater – Merry Dogmas @Birdy



Sooooo I went a bit crazy with the editing AGAIN. Yes i know! But I had this idea in my head of a Portal, and I guess I didn’t have a choice. Right?

So my head started wondering what if there was this, let’s call it , ¨magic portal¨ where on the other side, you could find this perfect world suited for each person. Personalized so to say, because not everyone wants/wishes for the same I guess. Still where we could all meet up in common ground ?

Don’t they say dreaming is free? so let’s imagine…


Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one


Hair: :Exile::Dancing on my own 1. Blacks @From last September Arcade

Cloak: [.NS-Riel.] Flurry-Leather Cloak @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim)

Dress: “TWA” Dream Weaver Gown Set @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim)

Pose: Eternal Dream – You Better Not Pout Gacha


~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Dancing Souls –Sunrise
Howling Asylum -Lost In The Books @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim)
Howling Asylum -Fairy Tree Decorating @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim)
The Dark Fae’s Winter Ladys 1,2, and 16,17 and 18 Rare @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim)



Gothmas starts in a few days (yay) and here you can see a few of the goodies you will be able to find there. (whispers: there’s going to be gachas! shush).

Love Deadpool’s headband, which matches the drbc’s skirt that i was dying to wear. Let’s not forget Dark Water’s geishas, Souzou Eien’s boubles and gazebo.

All the credits here under as always 🙂


No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come


Hair:  Tameless Hair Gizella

Jacket: Yasum*MESH*Brookes Tuxy

Skirt: ::drbc:: bow-belted skirt @Suicide Dollz

Headband: :DEADPOOL: Abbymae headband @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)

Necklace: Eclectica Gothic Pearls Neckpiece @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)

Earings: Cae :: Noel :: Collection @The New Tailors event

Wrap: : Wrap [CX] Cephalopods Wraps (Shining Silver) Rare @The New Tailors event


~*S.E.*~ Garden’s Respite Gazebo (Gothic) @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
~*S.E.*~ Vintage Holiday Baubles – Red Rose – RARE (holdable)@Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
Dark Water Designs – Gothic Geisha Doll – Midnight Blossoms red RARE@Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
{anc} lacecurtain .bokeh:purple
Alouette – Medieval Candles (Style 2)


Beautiful Winter

This is my winter song to you
The storm is coming soon
It rolls in from the sea
My voice: a beacon in the night
My words will be your light to carry you to me

Beautiful Winter

This past week started the 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair, which is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL), an official charity of the American Cancer Society.  There’s 8 Sims! where you will be able to find  holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life. The Winter Breedable Fair will feature a special one of a kind (OOAK) breedables auction. Both the Expo and Fair will feature special events, including live performances, djs, the Holiday of Hope Ball, Hunt For the Bells, Naughty Or Nice, a Christmas Tree Lot, Ornament Auctions, and of course photos with Santa!

You can find all the information in their website here.

I adventured myself to all the Sims (yes all 8!!), visiting the stores , where you can also find the Naughty or Nice Giver, and find out how you behaved this year. (shh I won’t tell :P). Then I went and visited the breedables sims, where i realized, I have a breedable’s issue *Looks up and whistles*.

The sims are beautifully decorated and I was able to do some snapshots (points to the picture up). Also here is the surprised cave I found with some of the goodies you can get there and at the same time help raise funds for RFL. It is a dearest cause that you can’t forget to support. So don’t wait up, go and take a visit. I’m sure either way you will end up winning.

***↓▼↓▼↓▼Wonders who’s hiding here ↓▼↓▼↓▼ ***



Hair: :~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair – Blacks @From last March’s Arcade

Outfit: Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Dress & Boots  and Scarf & Earmuff – Lav @ Arcade

Lantern: RO – Holiday Spirit – Lantern – Wrought @ Arcade

Pose 1: oOo Studio – Freebie: Wobble

Pose 2: ::. Infiniti . – Atomic Age – Mini Pack

Decor : Can all be found at 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair

Christmas tree in Red flower pot mesh v2 (The House of Avro)
(HG) – Potted Presents
3 Candles Centerpiece Honey & Poinsettia (Botanica)
*UI* Snowglobe Snowman Blue (United InshCon)
Christmas Reading Chair – Red (True North Designs)
Hexagon Low Side Table (True North Designs)
Small Poinsettia Bowl (True North Designs)
Cocoa & Cinnamon Roll Tray (True North Designs)
Oopsie Rudolf  (Oopsie)
Spyralle Black Enamel Lantern – Christmas 1d (! Spyralle )
*UI* Christmas Tea Pot Light (United InshCon)


Game Over

Game over! or Start over? That’s a question I´d like to know the answer for. I guess it’s like when they ask you if the glass is half full or half empty right?

Oh well, but let’s  focus now on The new Tailors event. It starts today and last until the last saturday of the month.  You will find a lot of goodies from awesome designers. Today i´ll show you some of the ones you’ll find in this round.

All the credits here under as always 🙂

Game over


Hair: :Exile::Dancing on my own 1. Blacks @From last September Arcade

Top: !!smesh ~ Designs -Grey Summer Tank

Necklace and earings: Cae :: Noel :: Collection @The New Tailors event

Wrap: : Wrap [CX] Cephalopods Wraps (Shining Silver) Rare @The New Tailors event

Mouth note: .DirtyStories. Lil Note @The New Tailors event

Arms Tattoo: Vestigium– Lady Muerta


floorplan. buck slats @The New Tailors event
floorplan. le ballon poster (landscape) @The New Tailors event
floorplan. le ballon poster (portrait) @The New Tailors event


I’ll Be Waiting

I can imagine that we all got stuck waiting at some point. I would say waiting it’s not a nice place to be, well at least for me. I kinda hate it to be honest but sometimes it’s needed and I guess the idea (not always) is that something good it’s going to come from it right?

So let´s HOPE for the best ok?

I'll Be Waiting

So I had this concept in my head for a while, but I got stuck with the decoration and setting, until a friend decided to help me (not that I pushed her at all !! :P) so Thank you Finn Finn!.

As long as I’m living
I’ll be waiting
As long as I’m breathing
I’ll be there


Hair: :TRUTH HAIR Posy @Truth Hair

Shirt: [monso] My Off Shoulder Shirt

Mesh Body: TheMeshProject @The Shops

Pose: :Sari-Sari – relax04 (a bit twisted)

Decor and Kitties :):

(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching @ From past Arcade but available at (fashionably dead) store
(fd) Cat – 16 Curled In Box RARE @ From past Arcade but available at (fashionably dead) store
Kuro & [Con.] – [Just decor] Laptop
{what next} Office Notepads
ISPACHI [Florian] Bed RARE @Last September’s Arcade
ISPACHI [Florian] Bedside Locker Basic [Cyan] @Last September’s Arcade
ISPACHI [Florian] Bedside Locker With Lamp [Cyan] @Last September’s Arcade
ISPACHI [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE @Last September’s Arcade
Reek – Letter Tiles –
Thistle Hope – Never Give Up Wall Art
A:S:S – Aeon house


Bare Face Challenge

The other day I noticed that there was a viral challenge going on through flickr and decided to investigate a bit more. In one of my clicks i landed in Mrs Strawberry’s blog (or is it Miss? o.O) where I found out that it seems people’s been challenging each other to do a Bareface picture (no make up, lashes, or any type of editing), so it seems #SLBareFaceChallenge was born. Since Mrs Strawberry challenged everyone in her flickr I decided to try it out. And here is the result 🙂


The little make up and lashes that you see come with the skin, so no cheating here. Though I did try to make them poof, but that would mean putting some make up and that was a big No no. I just loved seeing all pictures in the flickr group, all so simple and beautiful 🙂

Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – [Emy] – [ red cacoa]

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Posy  @Truth Hair

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Mesa

Tattoo: Vestigium – Fae Dream

Shirt: -tres blah- Open Collar Blouse- White


The show must go on

Bigggggggggg hat! Yes yes YES. When I saw what 8f8 hats were hiding inside (The man is a genius btw.), I just couldn’t help asking myself ¨How would they look big?¨ Now we all know that prims go up a bunch when you resize mesh right?. So I tried, until my land said ¨No no, not doing that here lady.”  I looked at the hat and it was between 2-3 times it´s original size and over 400 prims. But I wanted bigger!! (well not always but in this case you know, or do i? *thinks* . Not sure how I get into this type of conversations in my head honestly)

So I attached it to my avi, resized it bigger and went WOW!! I sent my friend Finn a message telling her to log in, ¨You sooo have to see this.¨ :O But (yes there´s a ¨but¨), the thing is that if you have it attached to you and in that size, you can’t move it round that much. And of course, me being me, I couldn’t stop until I found a way and I did! Now, here is where you see how iBi worked on the detail. For this to look so amazing in this size means there was a lot of work involved. *Applauds* – I love it!

As you can see, I decided to go for a ride, took some chairs and balloons from {anc} (another amazing set) and some of my kitties companions.

And as always, the show must go on right?

The show must go on!

Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking!
My make-up may be flaking…
But my smile, still, stays on!
My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies,
Fairy tales of yesterday, will grow but never die,
I can fly, my friends!
The Show must go on!


Hair: :TRUTH HAIR Neria –  black & whites @Truth Hair

Outfit: *Steampunk Headset*UNISEX*MOD*Special Edition
Steampunk Leggings*Mega Hud controled
Steampunk Heat* Mega Hud controled @Yasum

Hat: 8f8 – Mystery Hats – 13 – MACABRE  (Bag)  MYSTERY RARE from TAG Gacha

Tattoo: Vestigium – Fae Dream @Tales of Fantasy

Bracers: RO – Melancholy – Bracers – Midnight @Past September Arcade
!dM deviousMind “Lolita” wristWraps **STORM** @Past FGC

Pose: :singrainwoman (twisted a bit) from Touch of Glare

Decor and Kitties :):

8f8 – Mystery Hats – 12 – REFINED RARE from TAG Gacha
{anc} cirque de reverie .14/ nuit / balloon stand air 1Li from TAG Gacha
{anc} cirque de reverie .13/ balloon / floor 2Li from TAG Gacha
{anc} le cirque de reverie .6/ nuit / blue / hanging chair 2Li from TAG Gacha
{anc} cirque de reverie .6/ nuit / blue / chair 1Li from TAG Gacha
Kalopsia – Flying leaves (orange)
(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching @ From past Arcade but available at (fashionably dead) store
(fd) Cat – 10 Scared @ From past Arcade but available at (fashionably dead) store


You know that I’m a witch and I can read your mind boy

*Don’t make me get the flying monkeys*

Halloween is around the corner so i couldn’t help to turn the magic on. O.o. Of course it was the best excuse to go check  TAG Gacha (not that i need any to go shopping, more if it’s a gacha!!! lalala..). To be honest it’s been a while since i found myself really enjoying sim hopping. Visiting all the creators sims instead of just being in one sim was different and  really fun.

So today I bring you some of the goodies you can find there. 🙂

You know that I'm a witch and I can read your mind boy

You can find more information here on how to play TAG Gacha.

Tell me all your wishes
I am here to make them true, don’t wonder
You don’t have to rub a lamp
Cause I’ll take care of you


Hair: :+Spellbound+ Velvet // Violet @TAG

Dress: *Tentacio* Clara witch dress XS lila @TAG

Hat: RO – SpellBinder – Isobel @TAG

Necklace: *Tentacio* Clara witch necklace @TAG

Broom: *Tentacio* Clara witch broom @TAG

Pose: :oOo Freebie: Breaking @oOo Studio


Birdy – Trickster Pals – Bat – MYSTERY RARE
Birdy – Trickster Pals – Boo
Birdy – Trickster Pals – Kitty
.tsg. Persian Kitten – Salem RARE