Voodoo Queen

Voodoo Queen

So I was all dressed up with my new goodies from the Fantasy Gacha when i realized I didn’t have a place to do this picture. An option was to build up a whole set, yet I just finished with one (coming…) and I was feeling lazy, so I decided to go exploring…

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In my fairy tales, I conquer the world…one dragon at a time.

In my fairy tales, I conquer the world...one dragon at a time.

Of course I’m wearing new goodies from the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Duh! I got really excited when I saw FDD new items. The whole outfit is perfect, made me want to suit up, so I DID!!. Geared up with FD cape, KD sword and The Forge Dagger (from previous FGC) and off I went to look for a Sim. Continue reading




When I saw Tameless new dress I couldn’t help but think ¨Goddess¨(and I know that’s its name shush) and I remember this place in Paradiso’s Sim high up that was perfect to make a picture with it. So with new Exile ¨flying in the air¨ hair from C88 I went for a visit. As always the sim is breathtaking. So go take a visit when you have a moment, it’s really worth it

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Gothmas starts in a few days (yay) and here you can see a few of the goodies you will be able to find there. (whispers: there’s going to be gachas! shush).

Love Deadpool’s headband, which matches the drbc’s skirt that i was dying to wear. Let’s not forget Dark Water’s geishas, Souzou Eien’s boubles and gazebo.

All the credits here under as always 🙂


No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come


Hair:  Tameless Hair Gizella

Jacket: Yasum*MESH*Brookes Tuxy

Skirt: ::drbc:: bow-belted skirt @Suicide Dollz

Headband: :DEADPOOL: Abbymae headband @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)

Necklace: Eclectica Gothic Pearls Neckpiece @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)

Earings: Cae :: Noel :: Collection @The New Tailors event

Wrap: : Wrap [CX] Cephalopods Wraps (Shining Silver) Rare @The New Tailors event


~*S.E.*~ Garden’s Respite Gazebo (Gothic) @Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
~*S.E.*~ Vintage Holiday Baubles – Red Rose – RARE (holdable)@Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
Dark Water Designs – Gothic Geisha Doll – Midnight Blossoms red RARE@Gothmas (Sium Sim) (Cursed Sim) (will officially open on December 15th at noon)
{anc} lacecurtain .bokeh:purple
Alouette – Medieval Candles (Style 2)


All Of The Stars

It’s just another night
And I’m staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you
I sang a lullaby
By the waterside and knew
If you were here,
I’d sing to you

All Of The Stars

Couldn’t help but do a picture with this set that Painfully Divine did for the twisted hunt, it´s soooo cute. You also can find a variety of colors of the  Magic Lotus that match the hunt wrap gift at the Gacha machine in their store.

All Of The Stars

Mesh Body: TheMeshProject @The Shops

Hair: Tameless Hair Tatiana II – Blacks and Whites @Tameless

Thong: From the  Laced Up Corset  set Mesh Dotty Dress @Haste

Painfully Divine Twisted Time Warp Gift @Twisted Hunt

Painfully Divine Magic Lotus(variety of colors) @Painfully Divine

{anc} comet. / drink / orion @The Arcade

New Trails – Mediterranean – Tree @New Trails