About me? Umm what can i say? *thinks* …

Got it! I like to take pictures, mix and match, explore, experiment, find new things and places, but above all laugh and have a good time. Who doesn´t like to laugh? (I bet someone is going to msg me saying he/she doesn’t right? grumbles).
Uh oh, yes i have an itsy-bitsy, little, tiny thing with shopping . Ahhh and Gachas, need to say more? 😛 (whispers: It´s all Finn’s fault… shush) *winks at Marquis*

Also have a typos issue * whoopsy * that sometimes gets me in trouble o.O

Now about this blog, i´ve been thinking for a while on doing one. I like taking pics and playing with themes and concepts as i call it. Been using flickr lately for showing ¨my crazinesss¨.. ermm.. coughs… ¨my pics¨ and express a bit of myself through it. Then one night Momo, basically dragged and pushed me to create one (i bet he is going to deny it, you all just nod ok?) So here we are.

If you´d like for me to include any stuff and/or Sim in here feel free to contact me

Here is my link:


Thank you for passing through and hope you enjoy the ride 🙂



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