Pirates that fly

The other day while talking with my friend Finn she mentioned that we needed to make a more friendly picture. So we decided on this Pirate one. Not sure if that’s more friendly though, but at least we are on the same side. 😛
Either way since ¨Pirate¨ was mentioned, all that i got in my mind was ¨I’ll get a sword!!!¨, I went on the look for one but sincerely, in regards to ¨pirate¨ swords, I couldn´t find any i like that much. I don´t know if it´s coz i didn´t look that much or what but at the end i got one.
So Finn takes us to this sim, which by the way it was a really nice one. And i’m fighting to find a pose and by the time i finally find one,I look at Finn and she is all set up, but mine doesn´t go much with hers, so i changed. Then I find another one. And i start looking for angles for the pic, when Finn says:
¨Blue (that´s me) you are kinda poking me with the sword¨(not sure about the words exactly but that´s how that sounded to me) and true enough i was totally poking her bum with my sword. So i grumbled (duh!) and took it off. Anyways that´s the story on how I ended it up without a sword *pouts* :(. At least there´s a  pirate MONKEY!! 🙂

Pirates that fly

Here you can see Alchemy’s new creation for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(goes ¨wow¨).So that machine gave a fight (big one!). When i first saw the picture of it, the one thing i really really wanted was the hat, it´s awesome. So I went and play, by the trizillion time, i have got,i think, almost every common and a few rares but the hat and  i wanted ¨THE HAT¨ so i kept going, it was not going to win. In the meantime i messaged Finn and told her what was going on and also i went into a gacha group chat and tried to trade for it. The next thing i hear is Finn and a nice girl from the group telling me that the rare Wenchs come with the hat and eye patch. So I &$%·#@%&, yes totally (not telling you about the banging my head against something). So i ended with a few hats. Now when i put the Wench outfit on, I ended loving all the details in it, the colors, everything!. So i picked blue, duh and added the hat and eyepatch from the rare set and became a pirate (with no sword *keeps grumbling*)

You can find Finn’s version of our Pirate’s journey here .

Hey ho!

Imagine the places that we’ll go.

No one can stop us when we’re so high

Give ’em a pirate cheer, yes!(Arr!)

Hey ho!

We’ll be the freighter that plunders

Every one of the world’s seven wonders

When we’re up in the skies,


Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – [Emy] – [ red cacoa] @Alvulo

Hair: >TRUTH< Becky –  black & whites @Truth Hair

Outfit: Alchemy – Captain Wench – Red Blue @Fantasy Gacha

Hat and Eyepatch:  Part of Alchemy – Captain Wench – Xsmall -Black [box] RARE @Fantasy Gacha

Boots: TEN”10 Noma highboots black @TEN”10

Necklace: Chain Collar, (Black) – [The Forge] @Fantasy Gacha

Lipstick: [PF] Elly Cosmetics – Glam Lipstick – True Blue @Pink Fuel

Pose: PoseMe – Single 1 @PoseMe


Skin: -Glam Affair – Rose skin – ( Jamaica ) 01 @Glam Affair

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Blythe –  black @Truth Hair

Outfit: Alchemy – Captain Wench – Red RARE @Fantasy Gacha

Boots: Baiastice_Knee platform stretch boots-suede-chocolate @Baiastice

Necklace: Alchemy – Pirate Necklace – Gold @Fantasy Gacha

Lipstick: PF] <Light> Classic Lipstick – Pin Up Red @Pink Fuel

Pose: Glitterati – 092 @Glitterati (MP)


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