You know that I’m a witch and I can read your mind boy

*Don’t make me get the flying monkeys*

Halloween is around the corner so i couldn’t help to turn the magic on. O.o. Of course it was the best excuse to go check  TAG Gacha (not that i need any to go shopping, more if it’s a gacha!!! lalala..). To be honest it’s been a while since i found myself really enjoying sim hopping. Visiting all the creators sims instead of just being in one sim was different and  really fun.

So today I bring you some of the goodies you can find there. 🙂

You know that I'm a witch and I can read your mind boy

You can find more information here on how to play TAG Gacha.

Tell me all your wishes
I am here to make them true, don’t wonder
You don’t have to rub a lamp
Cause I’ll take care of you


Hair: :+Spellbound+ Velvet // Violet @TAG

Dress: *Tentacio* Clara witch dress XS lila @TAG

Hat: RO – SpellBinder – Isobel @TAG

Necklace: *Tentacio* Clara witch necklace @TAG

Broom: *Tentacio* Clara witch broom @TAG

Pose: :oOo Freebie: Breaking @oOo Studio


Birdy – Trickster Pals – Bat – MYSTERY RARE
Birdy – Trickster Pals – Boo
Birdy – Trickster Pals – Kitty
.tsg. Persian Kitten – Salem RARE


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