“I’m A Marionette”

Wow, I finally made it. I´ve got a blog! :O *breathes*

First of all, thank you for passing by. I wrote a bit about me in the ¨about¨ page if you want to know  more.

About this blog, i have to say it´ll be about everything i get inspired with. Call it, fashion, people, places, thoughts, etc. There`s really no set up plan, but to have some fun and laugh a bit. I´m open to ideas as always.

For my first post, don´t ask me how or from where but all i could see in my head when i saw this dress from Yasum is Dolls, puppets, Marionettes so decided to go that way. It also gave me the chance to wear Elfie Hair from  Olive that i was dying to use. You can find all the credits at the bottom.

Again, thank you for passing by and hope you enjoy the post.


Hair: .Olive.the Eilfie Hair – Letter n Animals Clips – RARE @2014 June’s Arcade

Dress: Yasum*MESH*Goth Doll* @The Manga Fair

Garter: Yasum*Garter Kawaii* @The Manga Fair

Huggers: Yasum*MESH*Booty Hugger*polka dot @The Manga Fair

Sneakers: Yasum*MESH*Goth Sneaker* @The Manga Fair